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Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
What facts are they? I don't see any mention of 16,900 bighorn sheep being hit by vehicles in the linked pdf.

Remarkably, the only roadkill I have experienced on that road and others through the Canadian Rockies while riding my bicycle have been skunks, and a very small handful of deer.

Tell me, how much roadkill through the Canadian Rockies have you personally seen?
The link said most of the animals killed in Alberta were deer. I think sheep, if any were killed, must be included in 2% other animals. It's sad that things we enjoy so much, like easy automobile access to wilderness areas, carry a high price for the animals that live there. (And I will admit that I very much enjoyed a car trip in the Canadian Rockies several years ago.)

I don't know about Canada, but some of the US National Parks have strictly limited car access.

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