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Heading over to Manitoba ....

I did a lot of cycling in Manitoba. Tens of thousands of kilometres. It is mostly flat there ... I had to make some effort to find hills. And there isn't much in the way of shoulders. But there are a whole lot of quiet country roads.

This road was the most beautiful road in Manitoba ... unfortunately I discovered it my last year there so I didn't have a lot of time to ride it. And it is remote, but that's the way I like them!!

This was part of my "usual" cycling route ... I rode out here almost every day after work. And that's about as much traffic as I would encounter out there.

(as with all my photos, if you click them, you'll see more usually in the same sort of category)


I don't seem to have much in the way of photos of Winnipeg, but my commute there was pretty good.

The street I lived on had the features I like ... dual carriageway with wide curbside lane. I have to laugh a bit ... since I left they've painted little pictures of bicycles on the street close to the curb here and there. I cycled that road for 13 years without needing some faded white sketches of a bicycle to tell me where to ride.

I did a left turn off that street onto a main arterial bridge which had both a bicycle path (which I hardly ever used) and a shoulder (which I usually used).

That road crossed another main arterial street and became an interesting dual carriageway. The curbside lane was also used for parking. But usually there were only one or two cars parked on it. That was enough so the moving traffic stayed in the median lane, and I had the curbside lane to myself. It was wide enough so that I could zip around the one or two parked cars with no difficulty at all.

It was actually quite a fast and easy commute. The one downside were potholes ... they did tend to collect potholes near the curb. A mtn bike with knobby tires was the way to go.

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