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Originally Posted by Chromeracer View Post
Hi all,

I've been riding tubular rims for about two years now on various vintage builds. I've had a variety of tyres including gators, continental giro, vittoria rally, vittoria evo...

Could someone tell me what the difference is between a training tyre and a race tyre? Are training tyres more puncture resistant? And for me, average cyclist, few long rides etc. which is a better option? I expect to pay about no more than 40 for a tyre.

For road, racing tubulars typically weigh maybe 230 grams each plus/minus maybe 15% - the numbers are approximate because this is not a matter of national standards. Training tubulars are heavier due to thicker rubber and possibly thicker casings - 250 to 300 grams? Training tubulars are supposed to last longer than race tires. I'm not sure flat resistance was part of the original strategy. But in modern times a Kevlar layer can be had on nearly any tire with a minimal weight penalty, and a flat tire is a major inconvenience (at least) in a race, in training, or riding errands. Race tires will feel more tubularly, giving more of that unique feel that tubulars have.
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