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Originally Posted by Dirt Road View Post
Anybody riding a bike is practically invisible to a certain segment of the population, but you probably do look cute. Also, I don't think it odd to ride with a dress on. Isn't that why mixtes exist?

I DO have an unrelated story. A few years back, I was at my local bike store and spotted a bright yellow jersey. Ah, I thought, that's highly visible! I took it home. On the maiden voyage with my bright yellow jersey, I was riding out of town past a trailer park. A boy of about ten or so saw me and yelled, "Are you a racer? What race did you win?" I said, "No, just a pleasure rider." He look disappointed, but I was buoyed with pride at the dashing figure I must be cutting.

A few years later, I learned that the right to wear a yellow jersey was earned by winning a road race.

That boy must have known this.

So I never wore that jersey again.
Really? You're so influenced by others' opinions?
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