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Well, you can attract just as much attention in training clothes. I like to ride in my running shorts, even though of course for longer distances it can be kind of painful. Anyway, they are pretty... well, short, so guys stop and chat with me quite frequently, few times some idiots in their cars tried talking to me while we were waiting for the light to change and it was always like "Could we give you a ride? We'll take your bike as well".
But I agree - dresses, skirts and any type of clothing that is either not associated with sport or showing much of your body does attract attention. Try riding in high heels, I did it few times (really short commutes, I was late and my purse was too small to fit in shoes) and everyone I passed was making comments (which made it all the more dangerous because it was hard to stay focused). Also, I never agreed to go for any kind of bag that is convenient so people always laugh at my huge bag and seem to think it will make me fall down any minute.
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