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Originally Posted by jade408 View Post
One reason I stayed on the fence about getting a bike (for transport) was about the clothing. Basically I wear skirts and dresses mist of the time and didn't want grease stains, to roll up my pants or wear leggings.

I later found that can be solved with the bike. And sure enough I have been wearing most of my regular dresses on my bike. And choosing other bike friendly ones (I.e with a flared skirt).

What is most odd about the whole thing are comments. Not really in particular about my clothing. But if I have a dress on 3-4x people stop and chat with me in my bike. It is really strange. Obviously there are occasional comments about me like "you look so cute on your bike" "nice dress" and the occasional catcall.

But maybe, for some people it is kinda weird. Because wearing a dress on a bike makes it pretty clear that it is not exercising. (And perhaps more interesting because of my package: chubby black girl with preppy clothing vs you know hipster girl)

Anyone notice interesting behavior based on your clothing.

P.s. When I bike to the gym I am totally invisible, few comments.
Yeah, I think you're right that a cute, preppy, black girl in a skirt on a bike would stand out a bit and attract comments for that reason. Personally, as a black guy, I don't notice any interesting behavior around my clothing, and I do ride both in full lycra kit and street clothes, although my casual style is, well, not terribly stylish! Probably if I wore something more like a costume, say a Renaissance period getup, or a Zulu warrior's sparse clothing, I might catch more of that!

And I'm only being slightly hyperbolic; around my progressive, college town, lots of folks of all kinds ride, so to stick out to the extent you'd draw comments would take a whole lot of different-ness. Cute girls, though, will always get attention anywhere, I suppose.

Now, I do get comments when my Monkey Lights are ablaze...
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