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I need a beer cozy for my 3 liter water bladder.

It is getting warm here and my water warmed up a bit earlier than I liked. My bag isn't insulated where the bladder sits, just a pouch for it, but I like the bag so I'm not getting rid of it. I can pack 2 of the 3 liter bladders in there anyway for really long rides if I figure I'm going to explore and get lost for a bit like I enjoy doing. When I do that, usually there is just farm roads and I often avoid areas that look settled.

I'm looking for a neoprene or insulating pouch for my water bladder.

I'll probably also get a Platypus 3 liter pouch to replace my aged Blackburns since they impart a taste to the water now. I don't like Camelbak pouches or bladders, really don't like the bladder opening at all and would rather have the open end like Blackburn or Platypus. The Camelbak pouch also looks like you need to put the bladder inside before you fill and I prefer to freeze the water in the bladder and I like to do a quick thaw and get the bladder unfrozen from the ice so I really don't want Camelbak. Blackburn isn't making bladders anymore, at least not finding anything new.

I did find a insulator for the Platypus pouches but it was at least $100 on Amazon, just a insulating pouch no backpack with it. I did find a generic pouch that I'd be interested in on E-Bay for around $15 but didn't see any info on it so I'm not likely to get that, I'd like to have a certain thickness to be sure I'm getting something that will work fairly well so I'm not likely to purchase that one and if it is so cheap I'm thinking that it is probably the thinner neoprene.

I had thought about making my own but the sheets of neoprene can get a bit pricey with the thicker stuff, at least for the 4mm thick sheets. This is still an option if I can't find what I'd like but I'd also like to not have to make something if I can just purchase what I want.

My internet search-fu isn't great so I don't think I'm finding all the options out there but could be that there are not very many options out there.

So, anyone know any good insulated pouches or bladders that open at the top that come with a removable insulating pouch.
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