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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
I think you are somewhat confused about the Camelbak. The bladder doesn't need to be in the back pack to fill it on most of their packs. The Rogue and the Classic have bladders that remain in place but they aren't all that difficult to deal with and they are lower volume as well. For the others, you remove the bladder from a zipped pocket, fill and then slide back into the pocket. They are easy to use. Camelbak makes an Unbottle which is a 100 oz bladder in a neoprene sleeve without backpack straps. The bladder and sleeve are around $50 on Amazon.

I have owned a first generation Platypus and never found the top opening to be all that convenient. It's a nice idea but it leaked.

Neoprene is a more durable material that is easier to sew.
I have a Camelbak bladder, came with my commuter/long trips/when I need a big backpack, backpack. CamelBak | VANTAGE FT Large Capacity Backcountry Hydration Pack I'm very happy with this bag.

There is a neoprene insulator for Camelbak bladders. You have to put the bladder in that pouch first before filling. I don't care for that. That is what I was referring to having to insert into the pouch first before filling. I've never put the bladder into my backpack before filling.

I feel the opening more difficult to fill with ice cubes if I forget to fill and freeze overnight. Most often I'll fill and freeze but sometimes I forget. I gave it a try, I just don't like it.

I just don't like the opening. Much prefer top loading. That is one reason I hung on to my Blackburns so long. They also didn't have a taste back then, but that was years ago and I didn't feel the need to replace them. I've liked Blackburn products and they had good products so I didn't think they'd get out of other markets. But, Camelbak is a very recognizable name and people always ask what kind of Camelbak that bag is, I use a Deuter bag for when I'm just going for a ride.

My bladders have a very nice fold over three times, then flip over the velcro. Never had a problem with leaking and very easy to fill.

I wanted neoprene initially for the durability, going to give the aluminized bubble wrap a shot to see how long it does last. If I get a season out of it, I'll probably just keep making them. If nothing else, it will give me an idea for a pattern to use if I decide I need to use neoprene, work out the bugs for the design. Making cheap models is much better than making expensive models. I'm pretty sure I can get a pouch made out of it. I may just try plain bubble wrap, I need to get some anyway to pack my bike for my trip so I'll have plenty left. They don't come in small rolls.

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