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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
... There are a some problems with the Reflectix. First, it doesn't have the same insulation properties of neoprene...about half the r-value per inch. Second, you have to form a pouch out of the material. How do you propose to do that. It probably won't sew well as the stitches won't hold and glue wouldn't do much better. You could use tape but even that is going to perform poorly and probably worse when you get it wet. If you do manage to get a pouch made of the material, the bubbles aren't going to stand up to regular use all that well...think bubble wrap and the joy of popping it. Once you pop the bubbles, the insulation factor goes down steeply...
I've done it cutting with scissors and taping together with vinyl tape, but not for insulating my camelbak. It worked exceptionally well for keeping electronic and optical gear cool under the sun in the desert and stood up fine to getting wet from dew. (The high reflectivity was key in this application.) In a cycling application, insulation value per weight rather than per thickness is likely a better measure of performance. Agree it won't be as durable as neoprene, but that's a tradeoff to make with performance and ease of fabrication and readily available materials. For a camelbak, you might not even bother taping it into a pocket shape but rather just cut a piece to fold and line the portion portion of the pack where the bladder goes.
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