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Should I be standing up for hills? Why? Why not?

Was apprehensive of hills until 3 days ago. Newbie rider since Dec. Monday I'll be riding on constantly hilly mups and bikeways (marked routes through neighborhoods) 15 miles in to work and 15 miles back for the first time if the weather's good. (got showers and lockers at work, it owns)

I didn't think I was ready yet to do this due to large amounts of hills and I've only been riding flat trails along a river (15 miles easy there) but the last 3 days I've rode different sections of that hilly mup between work and home for 3x 10 mile partial-rides and it was no problem.

Those 3 rides I always shifted low and rode slow in the seat. Was in no hurry, don't ever need to be.

At the river where I had been riding a bunch since Dec, there's only one hill, a giant one (to me) 110 feet up in about a quarter mile and I always did that seated and waaay slow like 5-6 mph, 1st gear on mtb or hybrid.

My work is 200' higher than my house but so many hills up and down in between, and using a couple websites to analyze gps logs of those 3 partial-rides, I'll be climbing 1500-2000 vertical feet.

Should I be getting up more and shifting low less? Why? Not looking to be a racer or push myself hard real soon, any reason I should get up? I'm 37, 225 lbs and have always been naturally strong + naturally big in that my ideal not-fat weight has always been between 190-200. When I say naturally strong I mean even at times when I was never weightlifting I could deadlift way heavier stuff off the ground than anyone I knew, in HS beat most any of them at armwrestling but that didn't translate at all to endurance. When I was in awesome shape at 190, lifting and running a lot in my 20s, my very longest runs were like 3 or 4 miles. 2-2.5 was typical. I never felt like going further.

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