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Originally Posted by bbeasley View Post
For those of you who use a bike for groceries, how far one way?
A little less than 2 miles currently. Two massive groceries right across the street from each other. Add an extra mile to Whole Paycheck (Foods).

Just another idea for doing groceries car-free: Years ago I lived about a 40 minute walk from a major grocery chain store. Once a month I would make a MAJOR grocery run - so I would walk to the grocery and catch a taxi home with the giant load which the taxi driver would always help me carry up one flight of stairs to my apartment. After that I would make weekly bicycle trips to the same grocery, or a Whole Foods that was about 5 miles away. Then a month or so later - another walk/taxi trip to/from the nearby grocery. This system worked great for several years until I moved across town to my current situation.
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