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Trying to rebuild rear gear set

hello all, firstly I would like to say that I know none of the lingo or names of parts on my bike, sorry... I'm a jube when it comes to this.

I moved from one place to another and the damn removalists did a number on my bike... packed it into a 10 cm wide box, so i've had a struggle getting it back in working order. I've finally got it all going, except the chain is screwing me around. Its way too loose...

so I looked at the back gear set, theres a bit that droops down. It has a spring that, operates it and I guess allows the chain to be tight all the time, despite having different sized gears.

Well... this thing usually has a bend in it right, its made up of three short parts, that all bend back and forth - it has two small little cogs in it for the chain to pass through. Well my one hangs straight down... which is why the chain is loose

the problem is I dont know how to tighten it... can someone help me?
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