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I ride two bikes. One is my commuter/grocery/around town bike and, the other is my ‘fun/workout’ bike (Diamondback STI8 (IGH hub) & Cannondale Synapse). Both are frequently ridden 30-60 miles at a time. I prefer to be as independent as possible.

So, I have repair kits for each bike as they have somewhat different needs. The kits are always with the bikes so I dont have to convert the contents & switch things around before a ride. The one has 37 & 42mm tires & the other 25 & 28.

The kits have both types of patches (Park Tool (self-stick) & Rema vulcanizing). I carry an appropriate (Blackburn) pump for each bike. I carry two Co2 (16gm) cartridges, one new tube, gloves & alcohol ‘prep swabs’ to clean my hands (coupla paper towels too). I can R&R tires without irons, so, don’t carry any. I also have appropriate multi-tools & special wrenches as required for each bike. Also have about a meter of 1” wide “Gorilla” tape wrapped around one of the Co2 cylinders as well as four (7”) Zip-ties. Two knives; one in my pocket & one in the kit. Pepper spray within easy reach.

BTW: the new Origin8 tire gauge is an excellent investment.

I keep both bikes in excellent tune & therefore dont worry too much about things like broken spokes, squeaky chains or broken cables. If other things happen, I’ll deal with them.

I also have duplicate Medical kits:
Band-Aids (three sizes)
Non-stick pads (3x4”)
Alcohol swabs (pads actually)
Anti-bacterial ointment
Tincture of iodine
Wrapping tape (don’t know the name but it ‘sticks’ to itself & is wonderful)
Foam tape (one can seal a wound with this stuff)
Military suture kit
10’ of parachute cord

I may have missed something ;o) but you get the idea; I like to be prepared. Truly, it is surprising how compact all this stuff is; I can put it in two pockets.

BTW: I know how to & have used all of it (unfortunately) – But, Life is still good!

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