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Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
Since I was talking explicitly about bicycle helmets:

Seat belts have a pretty impressive safety record, preventing 30-50% of fatalities alone, while it has yet to be seen if bicycle helmets are an effective means of protection. From what I can tell they're better than nothing, but there's no reason to believe they're very effective in preventing injuries. As for doing harm: some studies suggest that bicycle helmets increase the chance of neck injuries. That's only one of the suspected drawbacks. So what we've got is a safety device with a questionable safety record, that might have serious draw-backs for the wearer.

I don't wear a bicycle helmet because it think they're uncomfortable, inconvenient, unnecessary and, as far as I can tell, fairly ineffective. It's a personal choice, and unlike you I don't expect anyone to do or believe the same as I do. And I should stop voicing my opinion about bicycle helmets? In this thread? Are you serious?
More lies that have been disproven through statistics about the safety of bicycle helmets and their effectiveness. If you can prove, with facts not some mumbo jumbo nonsense from someone who is anti helmet but with actual impartial statistics with a long history behind it, that the government statistics that I and others have posted numerous times here that no one so far as dared to refute other than shooting off their mouths, about helmets history of reducing injury is all a pack of lies than prove it, otherwise quit talking out of your arse like all the others do here!

HOWEVER, I do agree with you that if don't want to wear a helmet due to all the reasons you listed then I think you should be free to do whatever you feel is right for you, so I agree with that one point. HOWEVER, I don't care if statistics, either about helmets or about seat belts etc, show that they are effective, it still doesn't mean that we should be forced to use them because it goes back to what we agree about...freedom of choice.
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