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Originally Posted by elcruxio View Post
But you just mentioned you crashed a few weeks ago at 18mph. To me that sounds like two major crashes in two years. Two major crashes in decade would be a lot. The question is, why do you actually fall so much? Recless riding or other reason?

Which also peaks my interest in your speeds. You have by your mention crashed at 25mph and 18mph. Neither of these speeds are insignificant. They are actually pretty fast. Yet you advocate helmets for all, even to utility cyclists who might have the average speed of 8mph.

But of course it's not the speed....

A tri helmet is one of those long pointy ones.
The more often one gets up out of bed, the greater the chances are of falling down.

18mph might be a significant speed for some, but we were backed down and chilling getting ready to take a break when a moment of inattention by another rider AND more so by myself resulted in me clipping his wheel.

I have a pointy helmet that is utilized for stand alone TTs.

Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
I'm not very interested in falling, bare-headed or otherwise, thank you very much. And if I had to wipe out, I would opt for something better than a foam fruit basket to protect my head. Anyway, since I'm not very fond of falling, I made a habit out of staying on my bicycle, and I'm pretty good at it. I only fell off of my bicycle once since my childhood, despite the fact I cycle hundreds of kilometers each month. Also, your proposition can be used to promote anything from full body armor for cyclists to pedestrian helmets.

The one accident I had featured me smashing head first into the ground at a speed of 25-30 kilometers per hour and resulted in minor injuries only. So I already sort of found out. What I took away from that is that I shouldn't ride like an idiot, btw.

I'm afraid we can't try that one, since I don't ride that fast. (well, except maybe when I'm going down-hill and need speed for the next hill, but since they didn't call this the Netherlands for nothing, that's not very often) Not because I can't, I've been known to ride that fast on an omafiets when I was younger, but because limiting your speed is one of the best ways to ensure your safety. Btw: note how I'm not arrogant enough to preach that people shouldn't ride faster than 25 km/h or even think I'm in the position to decide what risks people should or shouldn't take.

Love the smiley; you keep on smashing your head into the ground with a helmet, I'll just continue to avoid smashing my head into the ground at all. Let's see what works out best.

Just saying....
Your body, your choice. HOWEVER!!!!!

The vision of a once vibrant young boy with talent beyond comprehension who fell off his 20" bike hitting his helmetless head on the pavement resulting in a coma and upon awaking was not that vibrant boy again will never disappear from my memory. We will never know if a simple foam fruit basket might have changed the outcome. I suspect it might have.
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