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Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
But is that the reason why you fall every couple of years, while someone like me falls every couple of decades? Unless you cycle tens of thousands of kilometers per year, I'm going to assume there's a different reason you fall more often than I do.

No, it IS a significant speed. The average cyclist on planet earth is a low-speed utility cyclist, that will probably move at speeds between 12-24 km/h or so.

And what you take away from that is that you should wear a helmet.....

You fell a couple of weeks ago, I fell 12 years ago. You fell twice in the last 2 years, I fell once in the last 25 years. This suggests my choices are better than yours, and I'm a lot less likely to hurt myself than you do.

I'm sorry to hear that, but it's the tragic exception to the fact that cycling accidents, especially single party crashes, will generally have a good outcome. It also proves little about the effectiveness of cycling helmets.
I don't see the reason for all this bantering about how many times a person has fallen down, I haven't fallen in over 20 years, so what? Does that make me better than you? If a person is racing the odds are they'll have more crashes; if a person cycles in a more dangerous environment the odds are they might fall down more; if, as you suggested, a person rides a lot of miles the odds are they might fall down more; if a person is less coordinated than another the odds are they might fall down more. SO WHAT? That doesn't mean they're a bad rider, I knew people who were a bit less coordinated and some of those guys could beat most of the other racers, so coordination doesn't make for a bad rider just makes for more accidents.

Knock off the personal attacks and move on to the subject material of helmets.
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