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Originally Posted by mconlonx View Post
Which states clearly that people still die in crashes even if they are wearing a helmet. 15% of all cyclists killed in 2010 were wearing helmets. The disingenuous part of that link is when they harp over and over again that "In 1996, 96% of those killed in bike accidents were not wearing helmets" when that is not even the latest figure they report and there's plenty of years when a much greater percentage of helmet wearers die in crashes.

Maybe you also missed a buried disclaimer where they reported that many of those who died without wearing helmets would probably have died anyway do to massive trauma separate from any head injury sustained.

Hardly "irrefutable" evidence that helmets work. Unless by "working" you mean that you can wear a helmet and still die in a bicycle accident, even via head injury.

You're seriously linking to a list of anecdotes?

Did you read all of the article you link to, here? At the bottom, past where it delves into pro-helmet talk, it also goes over all the arguments against. Because the link you posted supports assertions you say are "mumbo jumbo" in support of your argument, you have just proven me true regarding the following statements you also dismissed as "mumbo jumbo":
Still can't disprove the statistics site that I mentioned but you conveniently failed to mentioned, I'm wanting you to disprove this site: Bicycle Helmet Statistics with well established facts backed up by statistics for here in America. Now toddle off and find the proof.
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