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So are bullet-proof vests on cops, oxygen tanks for firemen
I suspect that must be one of the reasons they don't wear those by default, at least not around here

ropes, harnesses, and hardware for mountain climbing or rock climbing
I wonder if they would use those if they were climbing bicycle sized rocks.

life jackets on boats and skis
Not that it says much, but utility boatists generally don't wear life jackets.

If there is no indisputable proof that bike helmets prevent head injuries, then by definition there is no indisputable proof for the opposite viewpoint.
There's this thing called the burden of proof, and bicycle helmets advocates are very reluctant to make claims about their helmets. But even if we ignore that, bicycle helmets only protect a small part of the body, so even if they would be 100% effective in protecting the upper head, they would still be fairly ineffective IMO.

Maybe. Does everyone get distracted from "real" safety issues? Half the people? 10%? Or just a SWAG?
People who promote helmets the loudest are often clueless about bicycle safety. Anyone who mentions helmets before (or even without) methods of accident prevention is, in my book. In fact, anyone who promotes helmets as anything other than an additional safety measure, should probably read up a bit on cycling safety.

Bikes, with only two wheels pretty much WANT to fall over. Test this out. Take your bike, stand it straight up, then let go. What is the bikes "natural" rest position? Yup...on it's side. Now picture yourself ON it.
Ironically you give yourself a big fat hint to the fact that you ignore that the cyclist is for all intends an purposes a very important part of the bicycle. It's for example the motor of the vehicle, and when I picture myself on a bicycle in rest, I've one leg on the ground to keep my bicycle-cyclist system in a very stable upright position. When in motion, a bicycle wants to stay up because of the two wheels which function as gyroscopes.

It is not easy to define "common" cyclist in the USofA.
I think "cycling enthusiast" and "poverty stricken" will cover most cyclists in the US of A, but that's just my somewhat informed guess. Also, the common American cyclist isn't that relevant to define the common cyclist. Which would be a utility cyclist, that will generally ride a boring bicycle at fairly low speeds.

Good points, many highly debatable IMO.
Sure, but that's beside the point. Those are good reasons why a lot of people dislike helmets, that go beyond the BHA nonsense that people don't wear helmets because they're superficial vain idiots who care more about their hair than their safety. Also, if someone claims that in their experience helmets are uncomfortable and a hassle, that's really not debatable.

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