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It's not just cyclists resisting helmets.

[h=1]11 Reasons People Don't Wear Helmets While Horseback Riding[/h]
I like reason #5:
It will mess up my hair!

And something I didn't know:

"Riding helmets are made specifically to withstand a fall from a height or a blow to the head by a hoof. Bicycle, hockey, baseball and other helmets are not made to protect the head from these incidents."

So for the "no evidence that helmets save lives" contingent here, this opinion concurs. If a bike helmet won't help falling from a horse or taking a hoof to the melon then there sure is a narrow range of head-bumps where a cycling helmet would do any good.

Reason #6: I am an experienced rider.

HaHa. How experienced is the horse? At least my bike doesn't have a mind of it's own.

I won't spoil any more. Check out the link. Sound familiar?
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