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Originally Posted by turbo1889 View Post
Not a problem, sorry I forgot to reply to your inquiry. Just one of those things that slipped through as the thread ballooned in page number. <snip>
Hi turbo1889,

Thanks so much for your detailed, albeit somewhat scary, response! I should have explained that I wasn't planning on bike-touring that area of the country as in a coast-to-coast trip. My wife and I have a small camper-van, and plan to hit Yellowstone, Glacier, and many other scenic spots shortly, and I will bring my bike and take some 20-60 mile rides here and there. Just wanted to know which areas might be "less safe" (i.e., there is some risk everywhere). I'm fortunate that in my rural area of Western NY State, the roads and shoulders are pretty good, and there aren't TOO many outwardly aggressive drivers like you describe. Run into them once a week or so, and of course, lotsa unattentive ones. That's bad enough, but what you describe in Western Montana in just way too much!

And no problem with not getting back to me right away; I do that all the time. : )

Regards, Dick
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