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Originally Posted by CrankyOne View Post
Here's a bit of discussion that might help:

Vehicular Cycling: If It Worked, It Wouldn't Work |
Seems to boil down to It won't work because it makes motorists mad. While it's true that an impatient driver is more likely to be a dangerous one, it's rather a self-serving argument from the point of view of the one with all the horsepower. And I speak as someone who often moves in to let others pass, depending on the circumstances.

Originally Posted by spare_wheel View Post
i *like* my bike.
Same here. What is wrong with me???

the toaster i have now is basically unimproved from the toaster i bought ~20 years ago. i had no input into it's components. and even if i had selected it's components this would not have changed my toasting experience much.
Nothing to add, except your post made this image pop into my head. Imagine being able to put all the components into the slots, tap your toes in impatience for a few minutes, then presto:


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