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The rust issues are overstated, unless you are a complete idiot and leave your bike outside for the entire decade. There might be issues with salted roads in winter, but most people who live in those parts don't ride that often then, anyway. There are other components on any bike -- including aluminium and CF ones -- that are likely to corrode/rust before the frame, with the most exposed being the chain, then the cogs on the rear, and various bolts unless they are stainless steel (which mostly they aren't).

The only way to determine if a bike has a good ride is to test ride it over the same sorts of surfaces you intend to ride normally. Personally, aluminium doesn't do that much for me -- my one road bike made of that material left me feeling quite beaten up after a century, and my steel ones haven't. But then I don't dismiss aluminium as a future option, especially if I was looking for a bike to go racing with (because aluminium frames generally are cheaper).

How long a frame lasts also is a non-issue with most modern bikes these days. Aluminium frames and the materials (alloys) generally are designed to ensure they will last pretty well the lifetime of the user (yes, always exceptions, but not that many).
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