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How to sell custom bicycle wheels?

Hi all,
I bought a used road bike on craigslist 2 years ago for $150, equipped with 24 speed sora. I recently upgraded the drivetrain to microshift/105 20 speed. Doing that, i decided i wanted to turn my bike into a bit of a project. I'm about to buy parts to make a wheelset. Before hand i took apart the wheelset that was on the bike and rebuilt it a few times as practice, and in the end I always got it nice and true.

However, after I build my wheelset I'll probably be a bit low on bicycle funds, but I wanted to try my hand at building a CF frame. Since my wheels came out well, I figured it just might be possible to build wheels for people to make money, so i could have fun while at it. I'm not quite 16 yet, so I do not have a job.

Disregarding my age, how does one go about making bicycle wheels for people? I often see people on the forums claiming they've built up wheels for customers. I they just professional builders? If not, how do people advertise themselves?

Lastly, how much would the fact that I'm just 15 affect my credibility?

I know this might seem pretty out there, but there always a chance, right?

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