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Originally Posted by rufvelo
Actually since you're asking a question about the 'plastic thingy', I'd say leave it on. The folks who are embarassed by it, know exactly what it does and how to make up for it's absence by playing with the limit screws. On the other hand not knowing your rear derailleur as well, mtb or road bike you may as well leave it on and enjoy the ride...
This advice to leave the dork disc on is BAD. It is more than an issue of fashion. I have had no less that TWO of these stupid "guards" break on two different bikes in les than 2 years. Each time it happened far from home and made for a LONG ride. It causes the freewheel to no longer work and so every time you stop pedaling the chain wants to gather up and fall off.

TElling people to leave them of mountain bikes is horrible advice. Both instances were on mountain bikes for me and I don't even ride hard. I don't trail ride, do jumps or any of that stuff. I just go out on the country roads and ride, and the spoke protectors simply broke unexpecedly.
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