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Well, here's my report:

It's awesome!!!

The airstripes padding is great, and my back does get great ventilation. Today was pretty warm, which usually means I need to pack at least one extra shirt because the one I ride in is to sweaty. Not today!! I did pack an extra shirt, but I didn't need it. The pack is very stable, and all the straps really help to distribute the load. The pack also swallowed everything I needed to put in it(two books, two notebooks, a pair of shorts, a shirt, pens, pencils, food, tools, shoes, bike lock, and a canister of powder gatorade).

RainmanP, I just want a trailer so I can go get groceries, drop stuff off at the Salvation army, pick up sewing machines, and do all the other odd jobs my mom gives me. However, I may not buy a B.O.B....I've been working on a design of my own, and I'm going to give it a shot! I wouldn't really lose anything besides a few bucks, and if it works, I'll have a butt kickin trailer.
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