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Originally Posted by Leukybear View Post
As far as parts go, you're good. /Stereotypical cinelli build
You forgot wheels. Are they going to be the customary H+son archetypes to formula hubs?
You forgot saddle too.
It takes a 31.6mm post BTW.

Also, how did you determine your stem size?
I already have a saddle, that's why I didn't include it. Wheels are still a mystery for me, but any reason not to use the H+son Formation Face rims and a Formula TH-61/62 hub?

I determined the stem size from knowing that a 58cm frame would be a bit big for my height (6'1") and getting a shorter stem to account for that. I am most likely wrong in my approach but it was the most reasonable conclusion I could draw. Is there a better way?

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