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I don't think there is a good right answer on this one. I think that the people who have had them break, especially more than once, have been very unlucky, and their experience, while real and painful, may not be representative of what you can expect. It's kind of a matter of statistics. What's more likely to fail, a person, or the equipment? Anyone who argues that a person fails less often than equipment is a fool, a liar, or naive (or all three). Human failure is sometimes as simple as distraction. The best in every field fail at something from time to time, almost always more often than their equipment fails. Remember NASA's martian lander that crashed instead of landing? Someone forgot to convert feet to kilometers. Planes crash and people die all the time due to human error, probably orders of magnitude more often than due to equipment failure. I too felt that this silly little disk looked foolish, and that my skills and attention to detail were "reliable." Well, I have some pretty bad looking spokes to prove me wrong. "Somehow" my chain overshot the top cog and stuck between it and the spokes - ouch! Lukily, no spokes were sheared in the episode.

I'd say that over time, just about everyone's chances of screwing up a derailleur adjustment, or any other circumstance that will cause a repeat of my (or a similar) experience far exceeds the chance of one of these items breaking. Also keep in mind that attention to vanity will always increase your chance of screwing up (just one guy's opinion).
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