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Originally Posted by kickstart View Post
There has been hyperbole displayed by both sides of the issue. Those who choose to believe the use of earphones will cause the sky to fall, and those who choose to believe wearing earphones only causes busybodies and old hens distress. In reality the truth falls between the two, and its having the awareness of the potential issues that matters, not what one chooses to belive.
Sure, I'd add "simply misguided" and "prone to snap judgments" in with that group.

You don't even know that the guy with earbuds has anything turned on. You don't know the volume level if he does. You don't know that he even has hearing; perhaps he's deaf and has earbuds so that you don't try to talk to him. You don't know that he doesn't have full awareness with any volume of music. People assume that there's automatically a problem, and that really is a case of choosing to believe something.

I've said it a couple of times, I judge someone's potential distraction and skills by observing them as I approach. Earbuds, helmet, clothes, type of bike, none of these common sources of judgment enter into it - just their positioning and movements in context with what's going on around them. I don't choose to believe anything at all about their headphones.
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