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Originally Posted by kickstart View Post
But you are aware of the potential right? If you're approaching a couple of joggers from behind on a MUT, one with earphones one without, do you really not watch the one with earphones any closer?

I rode about 60 miles yesterday and passed many cyclists and pedestrians wearing earphones without issue, but there was one jogger who wearing them who didn't respond to my bell and decided to cross from the right hand side of the trail to the gravel track on the left hand side of the trail just as I was passing her. I had to brake, swerve, and ring my bell repeatedly to avoid her, fortunately I was going a little Under 10 mph because of prior experiences.

It was my awareness of the potential issues, and my extra caution for those who wear earphones that prevented a collision.
I am aware of the potential, but no I don't watch the one with earphones more closely. I watch the jogger more closely who shows no awareness. Who shows no response to my alert, overt nor with body language. I get the u-turn joggers, one of the biggest hazards in my opinion, but I see no correlation with earphones. Looking at their watch, or some other device, slowing down, changing posture and losing their line, those are my tip-offs and I've seen it with or without earphones. Plus being near a landmark or mile marker (after around 2,000 trips on the commute I know where they're more likely to turn around, but that's another subject).
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