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Some people really need these things because they don't pay attention to anything. It's not always being stupid - some people are just not very mechanically competent. I've been riding derailleur bicycles for almost 35 years, and have had one of these protector things for maybe the first of those 35. I only remember one incident (on one of my bikes) of having the chain go over the top (not to say there isn't another one lurking in the mists of time). I'm not a professional bike mechanic, but I do (and design) all sorts of sophisticated mechanical stuff, and pay alot of attention to fine details. The spokes I messed up are on a set of wheels I built.

My point is that people make mistakes. The most arrogant folks out there actually make as many or more than the rest of us, they just would never admit it. You can tell just by listening to them.

If you want to avoid the breakage factor, get a steel one and cut it down to size. How's that for crummy (not the word I wanted to use) looking?
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