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Florida --- "the most dangerous state to ride a bicycle in"

Originally Posted by Schwinnhund View Post
I wasn't aware that Florida was that dangerous. I've ridden in Florida for several decades with few problems.

I tend to avoid areas that may be extra hazardous, whenever possible. I avoid areas with heavy traffic if I can do so and still get to where I need to go, mostly just out of consideration for the safety and convenience of others. When I do have to go through hazardous areas, I try to get through them as safely and quickly as possible, spending the least amount of time there that I can.
Well, many of the routes are blocked by canals, subdivisions, and other blockages. When traveling to the beaches or to work, and many other places, the choice of route is not often one of safety or convenience. Casual riders who only ride a bicycle for pleasure and exercise, have the luxury of choosing a safer route to avoid potential injury and death. Riders who must commute every day for whatever reason don't have this luxury.
Here's a link that verifies and supports my earlier post.
Most Dangerous Places To Ride A Bike! | Florida Biking

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