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Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
Do rims match? Kind of hard to tell. It needs to be perfect. Components do not all match either.... Ugly fork (for that price range).

93/94 DA would be 8 speed STI.

I wouldn't pay it, but its outside my budget limit.
Unfortunately that basic unicrown was Bianchis standard fork of the day.

Originally Posted by yalin View Post
From what I understand pretty much everything is changed from the original. I think only the frame is original which is what I'm after for a new build.
Everything is changed from what original? A real Reparto Corse frame came as a F/F and at different times (esp '92-04ish) Bianchi would offer a variety of 'kits', just like Gita, 10spd Drive and countless other importers. It is always possible that the frame was purchased and the customer simply added their old DA group.

I do agree $900 seems like a lot for this. It might be interesting to know if it is 7 or 8 spd I am thinking 7 but something looks funky with the cassette.

It is very clean and looks like a good solid bike. I never had the chance to ride on but I would imagine that EL rides like a dream. Maybe closer to $500
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