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Originally Posted by Six jours View Post
At any rate, the whole "godlike abilities" thing is a red herring. Nobody is claiming that you have to have super-human abilities in order to avoid a fall. Some of us are just trying to point out that competent bike handlers don't have to fall off their bikes and land on their heads all the time. The fact that some of you equate that ability to "god-like powers" is actually kind of sad....
I used to practice break-falls and shoulder rolls on the pavement, a reasonable step after learning the basics in the dojo in my opinion. It's beginner stuff, not god-like.

It's crazy to me that anyone could put that much emphasis on wearing a helmet and never bother to learn how to protect himself. Learning how to handle the bike well enough to reduce the chances of hitting the ground in the first place would be another smart move, if a little more difficult. I am just amazed at the idea of taking the least effective measure of putting on a helmet, disregarding literally all of the the more effective measures, and then scoffing at those who do protect themselves.
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