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Hello everyone. Today I went for a bike ride. I did not fall. I did not hit my head. I do not need a new helmet.

In other words, today was like every other day of my life to this point.

<edit>In a way, I feel bad for those of you who never experienced the sport back when it was safe; back before it became "extreme" and crashing was considered a normal and expected part of the experience. But in a much bigger way, I am pissed at all you idiots who turned the sport into a crash-filled free-for-all; an outdoor spin class where matching kit and $10,000 bicycles are more important than pack manners and common sense.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm really not interested in your stories about how you can't manage to stay on a bicycle but thank god you were wearing a helmet. I just wish you all would live or die or whatever, just as long as you do it somewhere else.

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