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Originally Posted by PoorBehavior
Raiyn, what do you suggest then? I dont care what people think, I just want to prevent my wheel from shredding if I loose my chain. I have an XT/rhynolite 36h and the LBS's don't seem to understand why I want one or have one that fits the XT hub.
Learn to properly adjust your derailieur for a start. You won't lose a chain "up and over" if things are set properly Offroad there's more things that can happen to bust a spoke or a derailieur such as foriegn objects or a crash. Neither of which will be prevented by a spoke guard. However if you MUST get a dork disc get one of these and please keep it from rusting.
Originally Posted by ridesoldtrek
I'd say that over time, just about everyone's chances of screwing up a derailleur adjustment, or any other circumstance that will cause a repeat of my (or a similar) experience far exceeds the chance of one of these items breaking. Also keep in mind that attention to vanity will always increase your chance of screwing up (just one guy's opinion).
An old yellow spoke protector will protect two things Jack and **** and needless to say Jack doesn't care. Your limit screws are STILL your best friends
Originally Posted by shane45
I think there is.

Learn to adjust your derailleur, and get rid of the disc. UV rays WILL deteriorate the thin plastic disc, and they become prone to warpage and very brittle over a surprisingly short period of time.
Preach on Brother Shane
Originally Posted by urban_assault
I bought a new bike this summer and it has the spoke protector still on it. I am a good bike mechanic and I could remove it now if I felt the need to do so. If someone thinks I'm a dork because of the disc, it does not bother me. I'll keep it there until I have to work on the hub or replace the cassette, no big deal.
I'm good with that. I left mine on about that long
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