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A friend of mine has transported my trike and his bikes on the top of his SUV many times at speeds up to 85 mph and for distances of several hundred miles. The main way of tying them down is with ratchet straps. He also uses old bike tubes to add a couple extra ties. They will not scratch paint on the SUV. You mighty wrap any metal parts that contact the Jeep with old towels so there is are soft layers of fabric between the bike and the roof. You can tie the towels in place with string or ties cut from old tubes.

Depending upon how you position the tie downs, expect some noise to be generated by the strap vibrating in the wind. Sometimes it isn't very loud but sometimes it can be really annoying - enough to make you stop and move the straps a little. The more straps you use, the more likely you are to have this problem. You can get the same problem using old bike tubes strung together to act as tie downs.
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