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For reference, the specified Tabata protocol from the original 1996 paper (doi:10.1097/00005768-199610000-00018):

Subjects exercised for 5 dwk-1 for 6 wk. For 4 dwk-1, they exercised using exhaustive intermittent training. They were encouraged by the supervisor to complete seven to eight sets of the exercise. Exercise was terminated when the pedaling frequency dropped below 85 rpm. When they could complete more than nine sets of the exercise, exercise intensity was increased by 11 W. One day per week the subjects exercised for 30 min at an intensity of 70% VO2max before carrying out four sets of the intermittent exercise at 170%VO2max. This latter session was not exhaustive. The anaerobic capacity was determined before, at 2 wk, and 4 wk into the training, and after the training. VO2max was determined before, at 3 wk, 5 wk, and after the training.
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