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Originally Posted by mconlonx View Post
Yeah, and I remember a bare-head advocate once telling me "Do your own research" when I asked for a link to a paper they'd previously quoted...

Someone posted a newer study -- done in 2013 or 2014 -- which indicated that helmets do reduce instances of head injuries. To no surprise at all, study found that helmets were most effective regarding less than serious injury -- most effective at mitigating mild injury; less effective with moderate injury -- but it was found that there was also some effectiveness at reducing rates of serious head injury. I don't know that anyone was able to refute the findings of that newer study, and it stands in contrast to those claiming helmets are ineffective regarding serious head injury, which is certainly why I found it notable and worth paying attention to.
Without a reference I can't say, but the MHL studies and DTI study are VERY robust - we can write in a maximum life saving value for helmets of about 10-15% with a lot of confidence. And that's maximum - 0% or a 5-10% increase in deaths aren't ruled out.
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