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Originally Posted by rydabent View Post

Argue with the fact that helmets have prevented injury or worse in low speed accidents,
That's not a fact, it's a badly written claim. To be honest, we simply don't know - helmets probably do reduce scalp lacerations, but they may well increase neurological damage. (That seems to be the case in NFL helmets, which are much better studied.) How many cut scalps outweigh the loss of, say, 5 IQ points? It's complex and value dependent - and we don't have the data.

What's certain is that virtually all cyclist deaths result from high speed hits by cars where helmets are useless. So wearing a helmet can have no significant affect on on cyclist mortality - it simply is not possible. And you now agree with that, yes?

and are useless in high speed accident no matter what kind of bike you are riding.
I'm glad you now admit that. And, again, you admit that's where 85-90% of cyclist deaths occur? As the DTI says and people have pointed out to you here for years...
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