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Originally Posted by CarinusMalmari View Post
The "anti"-helmet people don't want me to buy anything. They also are less hysterical about the "dangers" of cycling, and generally have more insight in cycling safety. Judging from all the ABHSML stories that start basically with "I was doing something stupid/reckless and completely preventable..." and end with "Always wear a cycling helmet" many helmeteers don't even understand the basic stuff.
Yes but now you are talking the risk of having an accident where the head hits the pavement... I have no problem at all accepting that the risk is small, thus one would be willing to risk not wearing a helmet, just like one risks not wearing a helmet walking, taking a shower, going up or down stairs... But to say a helmet does nothing and may even increase the chance of head bouncing off the pavement is wrong on average, sure there are exceptions but really... Not to wear a helmet because it wont help in every case is not the right reason to not wear one... Again, willing to take the risk is an exeptable reason to me.. Just how I see it.

EDIT; Oh, and another reason I find hard to understand to not wear a helmet is "I do everything right to make sure I have a safe ride and am a good rider... Great, but to think your head will never bounce off the pavement because of that...? You are still taking a risk, even tho you lowered it for sure by riding in less risky ways, It's not a given you will never crash, you are still taking a risk, saying you are not is ?

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