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Originally Posted by rekmeyata View Post
Bell also had a helmet with a very rigid and tough outer shell called the Biker and the mid 70's or so when I had one. That Biker was a tough helmet, I had to get a new one after having an accident that cracked and crushed some of the Styrofoam so I took a hammer claw to it and it didn't penetrated like other helmets I had afterwards. Then for some reason helmet manufactures decided that the lexan cover wasn't necessary, not sure why
Modern helmets are cheaper to produce, cooler, and lighter. They stand less chance of protecting against non-rotational forces, but that doesn't hurt sales because 99.99% of people buying helmets are too lazy to check what the spec is on the helmet they buy.

The biggest advantage of the lexan shell is not pentration resistance but that will will maintain integrity when it hits a rough road surface at 20mph: if it doesn't, then the liner won't absorb energy.
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