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Originally Posted by wphamilton View Post
Exactly right. It only remains to estimate the risk in order to make an informed decision.
..Which you will now make a complete mess of.

There are several ways to go about that. Maybe the most straightforward:
..But incorrect.

we are about 5 times as likely to have an injury accident cycling as in a car.
Per mile travelled or per hour? There's a VERY big difference! (In fact, cycling PER HOUR is as safe as driving - which is what matters in calculating risk exposure.)

20% of the cycling accidents involve other vehicles (11% auto, 9% other cyclist). Most of the rest is a fall. When you do have a collision accident, you are 1.6 times as likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury on the bike as you are in a car accident. So, putting them together if I'd wear a helmet driving given 1.6 times greater danger, then it would make sense to wear one biking.
Yes: if you were an idiot, this is the logic you would apply. However, if you were not, then you would ask whether the helmet would actually reduce the danger. Which is why intelligent people wear seat belts to drive, but do not wear cycling helmets - the seat belt reduces an already low level of danger of death, but the helmet has no effect. I think you don't have to be very smart to understand this strategy, but it seems to be beyond you - you literally just proposed taking safety "precautions" according to the level of danger without considering whether the precautions work.

Another more general way is to simply look up statistics of traumatic head injury by cycling in my age tranch
Ah, Big Word Time! Which has resulted, as is usually the case, in nonsense - ie "traumatic head injury". Really: you just say "head injury" or "head trauma". Because the set of non-traumatic injuries is, by definition, zero. Look up "tautology" in a dictionary while you are in the mood for vocabulary building.

...And again you miss the point that you can't evaluate whether you should use a safety measure by the risk without it alone - you have to consider whether it reduces the risk.
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