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Originally Posted by MichelleOH View Post
Or, said another way, is the 2015 7.4 DuoTrap S model the exact same as a regular 7.4? Why not just call it a 7.4? I'm very confused...
Because they want people to think that the new model is something special over the old model, plus they are no doubt hoping that with the 2015 frames having part of the chainstay sculptured out so that the Speed & Cadence ANT+ sensor will fit into it neatly, that people will see this as an edge Trek offers that other manufacturers do not.

So people who were wavering over whether to get a Trek bike or not, may now not only buy a Trek, but also buy the Speed & Cadence ANT+ sensor from them.

You can get a Speed & Cadence ANT+ sensor from many manufacturers, but only Trek's Speed & Cadence ANT+ sensor will neatly slot into their chainstay and look tidy and aerodynamic.
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