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Originally Posted by Lvlbiker View Post
One other question do you give your legs a couple days off prior to riding so your fresher or work right up to the ride.
I like taking one or two days off before my longer weekend rides but if I do ride the night before, I ride at a more relaxed pace. But for me, it really has more to do with work. I can ride 20 miles on a Saturday and then 14 on Sunday without a problem, but find it hard to ride 10 miles after work on a Friday and then do another 20 miles on Saturday.

I went hiking about 10 miles weekend before last and was so tired and used muscles I wasn't used to, I ended up taking Mon-Wed off and did my first ride on Thursday and still felt kind of tired. And turned around and rode my longest this last Saturday of 31 miles and felt great like I could have rode longer. I suspect once you have a really established base, you could take off many days off and be complete refreshed for your ride feeling excited about going out there.
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