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I did one yesterday with my daughter, but we only went 25 miles. We paced ourselves at a 13 mph average. A lot of people darted off and passed us, but we kept our pace using my speedometer. We caught up and passed a lot of the jackrabbits starting at mile 5 or 6, then by mile 15-20 we were passing everyone expect the road bikes from the 42 mile route. It was a relaxing pace, we could talk the whole time, and felt good at the end for the rest of the day.

We did the 25 miles on mountain bikes with road slicks. They were probably 30-35 lbs loaded up. It was a flat course at only 300 ft elevation change. But at any of the hills we encountered, we passed a lot of people by spinning up using the mountain bike gearing.

I could have used my road bike, but why for an untimed cycling event? It was a nice morning out with my daughter that doesn't ride as much, and about 4,300 other people showed up to go with us.
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