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Yes, I've tried to rehab a shoulder injury, and eventually had it 'scoped. The surgical outcome (after post-surgery PT) was only a tiny bit better than pre-surgery. Do everything you possibly can to not have surgery.

Do the PT. Waiting for an MRI makes sense, since it's pretty likely that whatever they find with the MRI, the first pass at treatment is the same PT anyway - gradually and conservatively strengthening the muscles that support your shoulder joint. And it's already been 5 weeks, anything that would have mattered to treat immediately, it's already too late.

If the PT is too expensive or too hard to get to, you could do a few sessions and then built on it yourself, but the therapists actually know stuff, and use exam findings to fine-tune your program so you progress with exercises that are appropriate for your condition. 6 weeks/12 sessions is not too much - it takes time for that stuff to work, and you have to do your homework if you are assigned any. And don't haff-ass it either, if you are supposed to do something twice a day, do it twice a day.

But, why are you asking on the internet when you have a doctor? The doc knows better than any of us, even if he's telling you something that you don't want to hear. Get your questions answered directly. Call his office, and ask your questions to him or his nurse, who can relay questions/answers.

Good luck with your recovery - shoulders are super complicated and hard to rehab. IF you do the PT work, though, you will be a lot better off.
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