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I crashed in September of '09 and hit my right shoulder hard. I did several months of PT and developed lot of muscle that took away most of the soreness. A year later I had a Orthopedist look at it thinking there may be some minor clean up work to be done. The doc had me rotate my arm in various directions and did pull ups off my arm and declared I didn't have a rotator cuff tear but sent me off for an MRI. To his shock I had a terrible rotator cuff tear which was disguised due to muscles I had built with PT. When I woke from surgery the doc was apologizing for doing the surgery as he thought it wouldn't heal. It was the worse tear he has seen and this is his primary practice. The tendon had pulled back two inches because I had waited a year to get the surgery. It healed. I'm lucky. I'm also very careful. Get an MRI and find out how bad of a problem, if any, you have. If you need surgery the sooner the better. I almost waited too long.
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