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I hurt my shoulder in my Aug 2009 crash. I could do a lot of stuff, push ups, curls, etc. I could even ride, if I could pedal, but pulling up hurt a bit. I couldn't put anything on a shelf over about shoulder height though. Ends up one of the four rotator cuffs was badly injured. The other three were fine but since they operate in different planes the injured cuff only showed up in specific situations. It wasn't until about Feb/Mar before it was healed, meaning I didn't have pain in general. It was Mar/Apr before I didn't have pain during most efforts on the bike, and another month or two before I realized I hadn't felt pain in a while.

I did PT. When I first went there I saw a weight stack thing that started at 2 lbs and I thought that was ridiculous. It was so ridiculous I couldn't lift it with my bad arm and in fact I started with zero pounds (no weights) and I was struggling mightily, I think I did 2 reps and the PT person (a cyclist, ironically) stopped me. At the end of the PT I wasn't much better, I don't remember but it was maybe 6 lbs. I'm used to doing similar exercises with 60-90 lbs (using two arms). They did a bunch of other things that helped, gave me exercises that I did diligently, etc. I could see progress from week to week.

I spent about $8k out of pocket on my recovery from my crash. I didn't take any short cuts because, frankly, I don't know about medical/physiological stuff. It's a worthwhile investment, to recover properly from an injury. I don't know if you get to work with anyone that complains about a bum knee or whatever but it's not a great way to go through life if you have an option to avoid it.
"...during the Lance years, being fit became the No. 1 thing. Totally the only thing. It’s a big part of what we do, but fitness is not the only thing. There’s skills, there’s tactics … there’s all kinds of stuff..." Tim Johnson
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