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Originally Posted by Gramercy View Post
I just wish they did the MRI today, but apparently they're a few thousand bucks. I'll have to find out if my insurance can cover the whole thing. I was surprised to hear the PT is 35 bucks each time. $420 for PT seems like a lot - hopefully I can go a few times and finish on my own.
It likely will not cover the entire cost. Moreover, your insurance carrier may not authorize it unless you first do PT. Such restrictions are not uncommon and are desined to prevent the overuse of MRI scans.

As I pointed out in my other response, PT usually involves more than simply exercises. When I fractured my collar bone, my therapists performed manipulations designed to increase range of motion. I also had a special cold "cuff" put around my shoulder at the end of each session. Much more elaborate than a bag of frozen peas. And you will not be shown every potentially helpful excerise the first session so if you want to get the full effect, suck it up and go.
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