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Originally Posted by Gramercy View Post
I fell off my bike 5 weeks ago, hurting my shoulders and back. All X rays came back negative and everything healed but my left shoulder has still been sore. I saw an orthopedist today and declined X rays as I didn't think I needed them - he did an ultrasound on my shoulder and he showed me the inflamed areas. He said I should go to physical therapy twice a week for 6 weeks and then come back and if it's not better, to get an MRI. He said it could also be tendinitis; not sure if the fall could have caused that or not.

My shoulder hurts and he said not to sleep on it or to do pullups, pushups, etc which is fine. But 12 sessions of physical therapy? He said he couldn't tell if it was torn and he wouldn't be able to tell without an MRI. Then why have me wait 6 weeks for an MRI? I thought it seemed odd.

Anyway, has anyone done PT for a shoulder injury? Can I try the exercises at home without committing to going somewhere? Is it worth going to? Apparently you need a prescription for PT, which he gave me - but I think going 12 times seems excessive.
Do the PT. I had a fall and landed on my right hand last July but the problems didn't show up in the shoulder for some time. The X Ray showed a shoulder impingement caused by trauma, and the only trauma was the crash. I did PT 2x a week for 6 weeks and regained most of my range of motion, pain went away etc. The only problem the injury caused me with riding was not being able to reach the right rear jersey pocket of a race cut jersey.

Good Luck!
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